My realisations after blogging for 30 days

A random tunnel in Makati’s central area. Manila, Philippines.

Precisely 30 days ago I’ve started this blog (What was I thinking, right?). And it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that, at some level, it started a spark that I’m sure will change my life forever. In this post, I’ll try convincing you why you should also think about starting a blog (or whatever other creative exercise).

But first, I’m gonna need to share some extra context.

I’ve been working a corporate career for 10 years now, as of mid-2021. Although it’s been a fun ride, it’s safe to say that a decent share of the global working class has found itself, at some point, running the 9am/5pm rat race. That wouldn’t be a surprise, considering that over 50% of workers hate their jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that corporate jobs are all downsides. In fact, I personally love my job and I’m super grateful for all the opportunities I could grab and seize within my career. And I’m more than sure that lots of people feel the same way. There are details, though, that we tend not to revisit much during our busy routines.

Let’s face the facts: When careers hold a top priority position in life for long periods (in my case, 10 years so far), no matter if you’re a digital nomad or a daily office person, we tend to shape our lives around our jobs. The place we live, the time we wake up or go to bed when to think of relationships, time for vacations. Those are all factors, surrounding a big central focus which is our jobs.

Career Centric lifestyle. A 21st century classic.

Ok, but what does it all have to do with starting a blog?

Well, in order to find what’s pleasant and enjoyable in life, and remotely able to connect to a career shift, you need to try new things. That does sound like a cliche, I know. But it’s a valuable one, and sometimes we tend to take it for granted. And with no proper attention, the rat race can (and will) turn out to be a lost race.

And in my case, after 10 years of corporate working and faded dreams dispersed in the career clouds, blogging helped me seeing new things clearly. Doing something completely different for me, somehow attracting over 150 people (I have no idea how) from 19 different countries to it, challenged me to start a whole new personal development plan, setting new goals and revisiting the purpose discussion.

So here are my main realisations after 30 days of having a blog/ website:

1.) Creativity is “trainable”: My former “either you’re born creative or you’re not creative at all” mindset was completely inaccurate. Developing creativity is REALLY not easy, but it’s doable. And writing/ planning/ studying content creation is a great way to achieve it.
2.) Writing is not easy: and it takes time. I’m still FAR from being even decent at it, but practice really pushes the “creative muscle” in other areas of life, work included.
3.) The internet reach is INSANE: I’ve shared this domain with less than 10 people and had ZERO planning on SEO. Still, somehow 150 people saw this website, in less than 30 days.
4.) There are people living life as full-time content creators: Duh, that’s a fact. Mr. Beast and Logan Paul are there to prove it. But no, I’m talking small-scale creators. People who enjoy life, create content, help people with different topics and make a living out of it. 
5.) Discipline is key: We all live productivity-oriented lives. We have to. Otherwise, time will run over us. But having parallel goals, serious ones, outside of your regular career, and chasing them, opens a new door of possibilities on what you can do in life.
6.) Life doesn’t have to be all about the career: Having an alternative career, outside of corporate life (eventually dropping out of it), is possible. I’m not there, actually, but researching legit content creators, of all kinds, showed me amazing stories of people who dropped their life career plans, to chase their dreams or purposes. And those don’t have to be the exception. Perhaps they could be the rule.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to long-term life planning. There’s just what you want to do. Sometimes the path might not be crystal clear, and experimenting with different things could be the only way to clear it up. But the important thing is: Never get so busy making a living… that you forget to make a life.

And you? How busy have you been lately?

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